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investments. plus, a big heal making day for cisco, poise to become the largest -- largest food distributor in north america. we will show you what it means for the industry. latest heir ron merkel's prize, gold medal won by a u.s. sprinter, jesse owens, at the 1936 olympic games in berlin. we will give you more details when we come back, right here on "money moves." ♪ next guest manages a $2.2 billion fund of fund is a mix of traditional hedge funds and president, bob worthington, with me now. moves."back to "money great to see you. part of what you have talked about in the past are these hedge fund strategies in mutual fund wrappers. so, average investors can get access. now you are doing the same thing with private equity? >> that is correct. we have a new fund that is meant to be an alternative to private equity investment in a liquid daily value format. >> basically people who are nonaccredited, they do not have to meet the benchmark of having $1 million in investable assets can participate? anyo can participate, bottom line? >> yes. >> why are you doing this? i assume because you th
friday. >> julie hyman. >> we have to talk about the big deal today in the food service industry. cisco, a food distribution company, buying u.s. vote, main competitor, privately owned, for about $3.5 million in cash and stock, creating a food distribution giant in the united states. investors like the deal. on the mcdonald's downside after comparable sales fell by 8/10 of one percent. struggling to some extent. it's menu has really expanded. some franchisees have pushed back against the complexity. it is losing customers to some of its rivals, offering eating value. one of its shareholders had pushed for it not to remove a contract with its ceo mike jeffries. is -- remove -- renewed the contract anyway. >> backoff nsa is the message from eight companies including apple, facebook, and google. they sent an open level to white house calling for limits on surveillance there is this comes from documents leaked by edward snowden showed they could get access using information by tapping into optic cables. the firms are rivals but they spoke in one voice saying -- panel if the rhetoric will re
to tell you, in the food-service business we are looking at cisco. they are acquiring a fellow food services and -- fell a few -- fellow food service distributor. together combined companies could bring in about $55 billion in sales in would be based in houston. we are seeing is the value of the deal is about three and a half billion plus debt on top of that. we are seeing obviously the stock of cisco has been moving exponentially to the upside. another memo watching closely is blackstone because of the allied ipo. it's actually moving ahead by one day due to the demand from investors. the trading on wednesday. no, the range is anticipated to be between 18 and $21. he will see that actually happens, but with that range it is roughly raised about two and a half billion dollars. paying down debt and get out of other states. it is something to watch. as you noted, right now we are fractionally holding on to gains at the moment. cheryl: nice to see that we're holding on to what we have on friday. thank you so much. it is a bull market. you can definitely call it that. how long will this
cisco is connecting the internet oeverything. so everything works like never before. gerri: emergency rooms are profit centers? here with more, a professor of orthopedic surgery at duke university. i can't imagine why would cost thousands of dollars to get stitches. what is going on? >> emergency rooms tend to be one of the most expensive places to get your health care. and so if you have a smaller or nonurgent issue, will you will pay more. you also need to remember that there are four things that go into the cost of this when you get care at an emergency room. the first is the actual services that you get for specific needs and the second thing is that health system takes care of underinsured patients. gerri: let's talk about the cost first. and i will get some examples here. california pacific medical center, charging $2029 for three stitches. and $3335 for five stitches. jacksonville florida, mercy hospital in miami, 3000 for six stitches and this is unbelievable. you made the point that it could be a mistake. but i might get injured in the middle of the night. my primary care phy
they would actually -- like when cisco seemed to indicate that it had been part of their weak forecast, when an analyst actually asked on a call, was it material? no, no, it's not material. if it's not material, you're sort of still spinning. until it actually becomes something you can say, yes, here's numbers, it is material. >> you say look, it's start to go rear up and we worry that it is going to become material. >> the latest thing, we were looking at billions of cell phones. when you say the word billions of cell phone locations, they're not looking at any of them individually. unless it's something that a red flag goes up -- >> they're taking all this information. >> but it's meta data and they're looking for data going between people looking to do some harm. >> but they certainly made it look like some companies cooperated. >> microsoft has to say we were shocked, shocked that there was spying going on. >> although some of these technology companies have fought the government and said no, we don't want to cooperate. >> how did they do? >> try fighting the government. but at the same
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data seems that it has been picking up. the results have not been strong. you look at ibm and cisco and they have seen shrinking cyst -- sales. >> this is a model. most of this criticism to paul ryan of wisconsin -- if you make a model, make it a model that can work out. we have not seen that. we have not seen the view forward on paper. of your favorite topics, bitcoin. matt miller is in the process of acquiring bitcoin at this very moment. matt, i want to see this going down. >> i'm a little concerned about having to hand someone $800 in actual money for one bitcoin. we will see how it works out. that may be enough money for a down payment or at least a and theon a fiat 500 italian company hopes to sell a lot more of those, especially in new york. they have a plan to go upscale, upmarket and bring the production for a lot of cars back to italy. in order to do that, he wants to sell more maseratis. he wants to sell more of those fiat 500s and he is going to bring all of the productions and to italy. it will put the luxury stamp. sell jeep grand cherokee's that are made in italy. thi
a bit of positive momentum today. and cisco has agreed to by u.s. foods for 3.5 billion dollars in the largest food distribution deal in north america in over 80 years. -- in over eight years. and the stock is at the highest level since 2004. todayld's is falling after disappointing same-store sales. oneu.s. market makes up third of macdonald's revenues. they were using happy meal treats from frozen may be more people would be in there. when we come back, congress going small. negotiators are coming up with a cease-fire. we will have that story in a moment. knowverything you want to about bitcoin but were afraid to ask. matt miller is a knee-deep in virtual currency. this is market makers on bloomberg tv. >> this is market makers. i am live at black rock world headquarters with an exclusive look at the world's largest asset manager. is the chief investment strategist at black rock. your colleague just gave us a schooling on japan. i want a schooling on u.s. markets. what shall we expect next year? >> 2014 is going to be a another good year. people have more modest expectation ba
announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. connell: are you into this cyber monday? dagen: full online shopping. connell: we are going to look at some of the online retailers to see how stocks are doing. in reaction to the commentary. nicole: everybody gets online, there are so many deals day in and day out. we have to focus on these guys, ebay and up arrow. today is cyber monday, the famous day were everybody goes online to get the best deals. are you shopping right now? national retail federation predicting 131 million americans shopping online today, and that actually beats last year. over the shopping holiday weekend you didn't see the brick-and-mortar stores doing as well as anticipated on the contrary, it is all about shopping online. amazon hit a new high $399, but you can see overall the group is mixed. connell: let's pick up on amazon because a lot of buzz about that story after i'm 60 minutes. the record high earlier on cyber monday. but really the story on "60 minutes" last night, the ceo rolling out what he sees as the fut
the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." october factory orders dropped 0.9%. close to expectations. looking for a round, a drop of 1%. our last look, september, originally released at 1.7, gets upgraded by that 0.1 up to 1.8. dropped under 300,000 in claims. leaped over 3% in terms of gdp. what does it all means? look at the ten-year. carl, back to you. >> busy morning for you, rick. thanks a lot. our rick santelli. our road map begins with the ford mustang today. the iconic car is getting a makeover. we'll talk to alan mulally about that and more. >> jobless claims falling below 300,000 and third quarter gdp coming
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10